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Franson provides Technical Support and Product Evaluation in three levels.

Level 1 - Forum Support + Free trial
Level 1 is free. For technical support you search for answers and post questions in the Support Forum. We frequently browse the forum and answer questions.

Each product has a free evaluation period, which you can use for no charge. You simply download and use the products. After the evaluation period has expired pricing for licenses can be found under "Purchase" for each product.

DevPak Level 2 - Developer License for all Products
You may develop and distribute any number of applications based on GpsTools, SerialTools and BlueTools. The license also includes a single user license of GpsGate Standard and CoordTrans Pro.

The license is valid for one year. You may continue to distribute all applications developed during that year after the license has expired. Upgrades are included for all products during the license term. You may not make any developer's tools based on Franson's products without special agreements.

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DevPak Level 3 - Email Support + Developer License for all Products
Level 3 extends DevPak Level 2 with email support. Email support will have an answer within one business day. The support is for the functionality of Franson's products.

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GpsGate email support The GpsGate email support is useful if you make a larger installation of GpsGate and need fast and personal support. You buy support for one year at a time, and we answer emails in one business day. The support is valid for one named contact person.

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