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Change log SerialTools

v2.01g 19 March 2006
- Minor fixes for ActiveX WinCE.

v2.01f 28. January 2006
- .NET 2.0 and .NET 2.0 Compact Framework assemblies and samples included in SDK.

v2.01e, 21. May 2005
- Virtual serial port driver improved for Windows NT/XP/2k.

v2.01d, 4. May 2005
- Bugs removed in Port class for ActiveX Windows .

v2.01c, 17. March 2005
- Memory leak when using Vport from .NET removed.
- Crash bug when closing serial port in SerialTools ActiveX removed.

v2.01b, 16. March 2005
- Memory leak in virtual port on Pocket PC removed.

v2.01, 18. February 2005
- Virtual port support for Windows 98/ME
- Bug fixed for virtual ports in .NET that could not handle zeros.

v2.00b, 2. December 2004
- Bug fixed in VPort.PortStatus()
- (Windows ActiveX/.NET) VPort can now be destroyed even if port is opened.
- InstallSilent() is now exported in bizVSerialNTInstall.dll.

v2.00, 11. November 2004
- Create and manage Virtual Ports from .NET, ActiveX, Windows and Pocket PC

v1.20i, 16. October 2004
- (.ActiveX) Port.Read() now reads buffered data better.
- (.NET / ActiveX) Better error recovery for QTEK2020 Bluetooth stack.

v1.20h, 5. October 2004
- (.NET / ActiveX) Now works better on Windows 98/ME
- (.NET) SerialNET.Port.List now works on Win 98/ME

v1.20g, 29. September 2004
- (.NET) SerialNET.dll for CF now not dependent on desktop framework.

v1.20f, 28. September 2004
- (.NET) Now works better with the binary value '0'
- (.NET) Purge does not return until finished.
- (.NET) Bug in Read() removed that sometimes returned same data.
- (ActiveX) An instant Port.Write() after Port.Enabled = True does no longer risk to lock the component.

v1.20e, 24. September 2004
- (ActiveX) EndTrigger and StartTrigger now works as it should.
- (ActiveX) bug in license check removed.
- (ActiveX) Read2() now returns NULL on timeout.
No changes for .NET

v1.20d, 21. September 2004
- Purge() works better on .NET
- Minor fixes for ActiveX on both Windows and Windows CE/Pocket PC

v1.20c, 14. September 2004
- Samples for sending and receiving Arrays of data in IE included.
- ForceClose(6) crash bug fixed in .NET Desktop Framework.

v1.20b, 30. August 2004
- Port.List is made more robust in .NET component.

v1.20, 28. August 2004
- Get list of available serial ports.
- Strong named
- Improved performance
- Write() timeout and OnWritten() event
- XON/XOFF supported
- Send Break
- IR on Windows CE/Pocket PC
- Not based on System.Windows.Forms.Control
- Separate purge for in and out buffer
- Close port in event handler
- ActiveX for Windows (which also can run in Internet Explorer)
- ActiveX for Pocket PC (which also can run in Internet Explorer)

v1.11c, 5. December 2003
- Corrected problems with reading and writing binary data.

v1.11b, 13. November 2003
- Removed bug that sometimes made Desktop version to freeze when shuting down form or closing port.

v1.11, 12. November 2003
- Improved performance and removed bug in .NET CF version
- Can now "peak" into how much unread data is in serial buffer.
- The event OnForceClose() added to detect interrupted BlueTooth connection.
- Improved function in "terminal mode".

v1.10, 31. October 2003
- Removed bug that sometimes added zeros to received data.
- Added a Read() method to receive data without the use of events.
- Improved multi-thread support.
- Now possible to use SerialTools in formless applications.
- Improved timing.
- Added conversion functions from byte arrays to strings and back.
- .NET Desktop version now works in Visual Studio .NET 2002

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