28. January 2006
SerialTools now supports .NET 2.0!

17. February 2005
SerialTools 2.01 released! Virtual ports for Win98/ME included!

11. November 2004
SerialTools 2.0 released! Features virtual ports.

Serial port access made easy!
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SerialTools is no longer maintained and it is not recommended for new projects

SerialTools is the easiest way to include serial port support in your application!

Many samples, easy guides to get started and a very straight forward API makes SerialTools simple to use even for a novice programmer. For the more advanced developer all features are in place for complete control of the serial port.

NEW! SerialTools 2.0 introduces virtual serial ports. Using SerialTools you can create a "virtual" serial port which other applications can connect to.

.NET Desktop Framework 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0
(Windows XP/2k/NT/ME/9x)
.NET Compact Framework 1.1 and 2.0
(Pocket PC / Windows CE)

Provides serial port access from C#, VB.NET or any .NET based language. Source code license available. 100% managed code!

ActiveX for Windows Vista/XP/2k/NT/ME/9x and Pocket PC
Provides serial port access from Internet Explorer or Pocket Explorer (PIE). It can also be used in normal Visual Basic, eVB and VBA (Microsoft Excel, Access and Word) applications.
Customer cases:
Load Hog Lids - RFID on Symbol PPT2800 pocket pc devices.

Mobile Robotic Services - uses SerialTools for communication between Pocket PC and custom made robot.

BlueWave - Used Franson SerialTools.NET to handle serial data reception and processing on the Pocket PC side to reducing the interface development.

More customer cases:
Adrenasoft SimpleXms - Program (Windows Service) for sending and receiving of sms through gsm-modems or mobilephones.

G6software - interface with the on board computer of an automotive vehicle.

Remote EMail Alarm - Device for ships staff who complain that they never know when an e-mail has arrived.

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Do you need a custom solution? Franson Solution Partners can provide custom solutions based on SerialTools.

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