I am using your SerialTools Pro on a project at work where I need to read 26 bar code readers in one second or less. It works great. So I had my supervisor to purchase the Pro license. I tried other software ocx's and classes and found your SerialTools to work best for my application. By the way I am using it on the Windows XP Pro platform using V.B.Net.

Thomas C. Lizyness, tclizyness@sbcglobal.net

We create internet/retail kiosks ( http://www.simplekiosks.com)

We use your plug in as an interface between our credit card, coin boards, coin mechs and note readers. We also use ti to scan the com ports to see if any hardware is connected at boot up.

Chris McCreadie

We're using SerialTools to automate our lab equipment for DNA sequencing. It's not super-interesting, just talking to a number of microscope controllers and a power meter.

Mark Maxham

Log and analyze data from digital multimeters that have rs232 serial ports. Data is logged and time-stamped to a text file in your pocketPC. Select the interval to collect data, from once every 300ms to once a day. Export the comma delimited text file to a desktop PC, view data with the built-in graph, or send it via email. Tested with Radio Shack DMM model 22-812.

Jeff Preston

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