Loadhog Lids

by Paul Haigh

Loadhog Lids is a start up enterprise producing a new shipping solution to the logistics business.

My task at Loadhog is to provide pallet level RFID tracking of our solution. (The web site will give you a better idea of what we're trying to acheive http://www.loadhoglids.com)

RFID communication is via low level commands directly to the chip using inductive coupling as the power source, this means the power is provided by the RFID reader and the tags can receive power via radio waves.

We use Symbol PPT2800 Pocket PC devices to read and write to the tags. The actual RFID read / writer is a sled device which clips into the serial port of the pocket pc device.

I needed a solution to allow me to send commands through the serial port of the pocket pc to the sled and receive information back.

After a great deal of analysis I settled on Franson SerialTools as I felt the examples supplied were great quality and the component was very affordable. I was able to remove all the risk associated with buying a software component by trying it out before I purchased it to ensure everything was compatible.

The one brief time I needed some help (through my own inadequacies not the components) support was swift and very helpful.

I have no problems at all in recommending Franson's business and products to my peers and will use SerialTools as my serial port component of choice whenever the need arises.

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