by Dr. Thomas Dorn

Modern marine instrumentation systems provide a multitude of nautical information, such as GPS, course, speed, water depth, wind speed and direction. We developed BlueWave to expand the power of these instrumentation systems by providing a Pocket PC based mobile and wireless information centre. BlueWave combines a Bluetooth Dongle, which is connected to the instrumentation system, simulating an NMEA serial data stream.

Our Pocket PC BlueWave application processes the transmitted NMEA data to provide a mobile graphic display for GPS, Sounder, Log, Wind and Course data. Bluewave further provides Alarms for MOB, Anchor and Water depth.

We used Franson SerialTools to handle the serial data reception and processing on the Pocket PC side, reducing the interface development and test efforts from days to hours. The thoroughly tested design has guaranteed us excellent stability and so further reduced our support costs.

Try out our demo of BlueWave at http://www.bluewavetools.info.

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