Adrenasoft SimpleXms 1.4

by Bjørn Willy Stokkenes

Program (Windows Service) for sending and receiving of sms through gsm-modems or mobilephones.

As in most projects, I faced many problems during the development-period of SimpleXms. The worst problem was making the communication with the modem be fast and responsive. This was solved by making multiple threads that co-operated with each other.

At start I did not use Franson Serial Tools, but another RS232-component. After "completing" the project, I discovered that there were rare cases of total failure while communicating with the modem. My service did not crash, but the communication just didn't work as it should. I spent about a week, trying to find out which section of my program that was causing the error. I could not find any code-section that was erroneous.

There was only one thing I hadn't checked, the RS232-component. I mailed the programmer of the RS232-component, telling about my suspicion. I got a reply with some code-lines of what I would call a "dirty-fix". I could never go to bed at night knowing one of my programs have a "dirty-fix", but I wanted to try the fix, only to see the result. The failure did not disappear. I mailed him back, and he said he would look at it in the weekend.That's when I decided to download Franson Serial Tools. After switching from the old component to Franson Serial Tools, it was stress-tested for a period. The rare cases of failure were history.

See all information of SimpleXms at http://www.adrenasoft.com/SimpleXms.aspx

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