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Franson GpsTools ActiveX Windows

The Reference Manual gives you detailed information about all classes used in GpsTools.

GPS Connection For GPS access the best starting point is NmeaParser.
Raster Map Support To use raster maps in your application Map is the best starting point.
For polygons, ESRI shapefiles and basic GIS features Shape is where to start looking.
Coordinate Transformation For coordinate transformation in your application Position is the best starting point.

A License key is necessary to use GpsTools. During development the key found here can be used. To distribute the component as part of your application you need to purchase a license. The License.LicenseKey property must be set to a valid license key by your application or else the component will refuse to work properly.

All variables in GpsTools ActiveX are Variants. This is to support all kinds of COM enabled script languages. The type information (e.g. String, Integer, etc.) that are specified in the reference manual are the Variant type and nothing else. For Visual Basic and script language developer this is of no major concern, everything is handled automatically, but VC++ developers need to be aware of this. In GpsTools .NET Variants are not used.

For the GpsTools version history click here!

Check out GpsGate!
Using GpsGate you can run many GPS applications at the same time. If your company has developed a GPS application that for example needs to co-exist with a mapping application. GpsGate is the perfect solution to make this happen!

You can OEM (bundle) GpsGate for a low fixed fee with your application!

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