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SPCS83/NAD83 - State Plane Coordinate System Zones.

See also: Position.Grid.

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0101Alabama East
0102Alabama West
5002Alaska Zone 2
5003Alaska Zone 3
5004Alaska Zone 4
5005Alaska Zone 5
5006Alaska Zone 6
5007Alaska Zone 7
5008Alaska Zone 8
5009Alaska Zone 9
5010Alaska Zone 10
0201Arizona East
0202Arizona Central
0203Arizona West
0301Arkansas North
0302Arkansas South
0401California Zone 1
0402California Zone 2
0403California Zone 3
0404California Zone 4
0405California Zone 5
0406California Zone 6
0501Colorado North
0502Colorado Cantral
0503Colorado South
0901Florida East
0902Florida West
0903Florida North
1001Georgia East
1002Georgia West
5101Hawaii Zone 1
5102Hawaii Zone 2
5103Hawaii Zone 3
5104Hawaii Zone 4
5105Hawaii Zone 5
1101Idaho East
1102Idaho Central
1103Idaho West
1201Illinois East
1202Illinois West
1301Indiana East
1302Indiana West
1401Iowa North
1402Iowa South
1501Kansas North
1502Kansas South
1601Kentucky North
1602Kentucky South
1701Louisiana North
1702Louisiana South
1703Louisiana Offshore
1801Maine East
1802Maine West
2001Massachusetts Mainland
2002Massachusetts Island
2111Michigan North
2112Michigan Central
2113Michigan South
2201Minnesota North
2202Minnesota Central
2203Minnesota South
2300Mississippi MSTM
2301Mississippi East
2302Mississippi West
2401Missouri East
2402Missouri Central
2403Missouri West
2701Nevada East
2702Nevada Central
2703Nevada West
2800New Hampshire
2900New Jersey
3001New Mexico East
3002New Mexico Central
3003New Mexico West
3101New York East
3102New York Central
3103New York West
3104New York Long Island
3200North Carolina
3301North Dakota North
3302North Dakota South
3401Ohio North
3402Ohio South
3501Oklahoma North
3502Oklahoma South
3601Oregon North
3602Oregon South
3701Pennsylvania North
3702Pennsylvania South
3800Rhode Island
3900South Carolina
4001South Dakota North
4002South Dakota South
4201Texas North
4202Texas North Central
4203Texas Central
4204Texas South Central
4205Texas South
4301Utah North
4302Utah Central
4303Utah South
4501Virginia North
4502Virginia South
4601Washington North
4602Washington South
4701West Virginia North
4702West Virginia South
4801Wisconsin North
4802Wisconsin Central
4803Wisconsin South
4901Wyoming East
4902Wyoming East Central
4903Wyoming West Central
4904Wyoming West
5200Puerto Rico

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