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v2.30 beta5 build 152, September 1st 2006
Changes from beta 4:
* Drawing of polygons should be much faster than before
* MapLib files should be released properly when Map is closed.
* The NmeaParser shouldn't throw ObjectDisposedException anymore.
* All GpsTools DLL-files now have a common version numbering. The beta 5 version number is

v2.30 beta4, August 18 2006
Changes from beta 3:
* Many ActiveMapData bugs should be resolved.
* CancelDrawOnUpdate property replaced by CancelDraw method.
* Points can now return their values as type Double.
* Improved Automatic setting for buffer.
* Map.Update is now synchronous again, whereas asynchronous updates are achieved by Map.UpdateAsync
* ActiveX DLLs added for both desktop and Pocket PC (Early release! Not stability tested.)

v2.30 beta3, July 19 2006
Changes from beta 2:
* Zoom now supports arbitrary values for MapLibs (0.1 to 10 limitation removed).
* Support for writing predefined datums and grids as .prj-files.
* The ZoomByPosition has been renamed to ZoomByBoundingBox and has now three overloads which will simplify the usage in several cases.
* Improved stability and bug fixes.

v2.30 beta2, July 7 2006
Changes from beta 1:
* A MapLib drawing bug has been fixed.
* A couple of crash bugs have been fixed.
* Improved loading of shapefiles with many parts.
* Map.ZoomByPosition method added.
* Prj-files created in GpsTools can now be read by ESRI compatible software
* GpsViewNET.Map.NewLine now works properly.
* GpsViewNET.Map.OnDraw event handler added.
* MapShapeFile.LabelTemplate can now be fully modified.

v2.30 beta1, June 21 2006
* A MapShapeFile class has been added to handle shapefiles in a better way with improved performance and functionality.
* Improved draw engine with improved performance.
* Support for reading .dbf-files and label drawing of shapefile attributes with an algorithm for drawing non-overlapping labels.
* Support for reading and writing .prj-files (ESRI projection files)
* Automated scaling has been added (for MapShapeFile).
* The ShapeFile class has been improved. It is now possible to select shapes with certain criteria, for example shapes within a specific area.
* Improved the layer handling with buffering capabilities etc.

v2.20q April 3 2006
* Memory leak in Shape.Copy() removed.

v2.20p 13. February 2006
* ActiveX for Pocket PC can generate exceptions on Win .NET 4.2.
* Can connect to MS WM5.0 port splitter.

v2.20n 30. January 2006
* Memory leak in fixed size Shapes removed.
* Assemblies for .NET 2.0 CF added.
* Missing project files for .NET present again.

v2.20m 19. January 2006
* ShapeFileViewer sample for VB6 now complete in SDK
* Intermittent exception when disposing .NET NmeaParser removed
* Deleting node 20, 70, 170 etc. in a shape object now works.
* GpsViewNET.MapData.Size is now a property in .NET desktop and not a method.
* ShapeFileType.SHAPE_TYPE_POLYGON enum added for .NET CF
* Algorithm.GAUSS now works.

v2.20L 4. November 2005
* Assemblies & Samples for .NET 2.0 (Desktop) included.
* Project files and samples for Visual Studio 2005 included.
* Shape returned by Shape.Copy can now be edited.
* Shape.GetBoundingBox now always returns correct values.
* GpsTools ActiveX does not crash when run on a web server.

v2.20k 14. June 2005
* NmeaParser.EventInterval() now also works when there are no valid fixes.

v2.20j 13. June 2005
* Bug removed when creating a blank map before loading a map.
* Parameter error in SPCS Texas NC 4202 fixed.

v2.20i 1. June 2005
* Changing maps using Map.ActiveMapData() now releases cached data in a more efficient way.
* Auto detection of GPS now works better on .NET desktop
* Position.CustomDatum and Position.CustomGrid.CustomDatum can now be used at the same time.

v2.20h 23. May 2005
* Shape.IsIntersecting() now works when testing if a shape intersects with itself.
* An icon is now positioned correctly when restoring zoom and rotation value to (1, 0)

v2.20g, 19. May 2005
* Fixed error when adding nodes to a shape using Shape.NewNode() rather than Shape.AddNode().

v2.20f, 14. May 2005
* Maps now draws correctly on WinCE 3.0 (and not only later WinCE version).
* Map.ActiveMapData() does not crash any more, when called after objects were placed on the map.

v2.20e, 2. May 2005
* ShapeFileViewer samples for all platforms now show proportional images.
* Minor bug fixes.

v2.20d, 29. April 2005
* Shapefiles loads about twice as fast.
* CustomDatum and CustomGrid now works for ActiveX and .NETCF.
* Shape.FixedSize, Shape.FixedPartCount, Shape.FixedNodeCount and ShapeFile.ReadOnly added.

v2.20c, 25. April 2005
* Memory leaks removed.
* Serial communication improved on Windows.

v2.20b, 22. April 2005
* Memory leaks removed.
* Improved error handling when drawing shapes.
* Improved performance for very large shapes.
* Can draw shape on map with different grid/datum.

v2.20 Final release, 15. April 2005
* Draw polygons and polylines.
* Read, write, display and edit ESRI shapefiles.
* ASP.NET support
* Custom grids and datums.
* Distance, bearing and area calculations.
* Event intervalls for GPS data.
* Library of predefined icons.
* Many more improvents and bug fixes.

v2.20 beta10b, 9. April 2005
* Fixed a conversion bug in Position introduced in beta10.

v2.20 beta10, 8. April 2005
* Write ESRI shapefiles.
* .NET: Position.Datum and Position.Grid are now enums.
* Position class now support custom datum and grids.
* Many bugs removed from Shape, MapShape and ShapeFile class.
* More samples included.

v2.20 beta9, 1. April 2005
* Read and display ESRI shapefiles.
* Many bugs removed from Shape, MapShape and ShapeFile class.

v2.20 beta8, 24. March 2005
* A Shape class added to handle polygons, polylines and tracks.
* Possible to draw shapes on map.

v2.20 beta7, 21. January 2005
* The Map control can now be used under a APS.NET Web Application. Samples for C# and VB.NET included.
* Map implements streaming to dump the map image to a file or ASP.NET response object.
* NmeaParser.EventInterval()added. You can now control how often your event handlers are called.
* NmeaParser.Dispose() bug fixed in .NET CF
* Does not force BT browser on ipaq any more.
* Satellite.UsedForFix added. Specifies if a satellite is used to calculate the position.
* OnDraw() event now fires under .NET
* ComStatus.ValidFix added. Set if GPS has a valid fix (determined a position).
* Sample project files for VS2003 added.

v2.20 beta6b, 22. December 2004
* Autoconnect now works on ipaq again.
* Date information is provided in GpsFix
* Altitude information is provided in all GpsFix objects
* NmeaParser.Parser() now works in NoEvent mode
* Autodetect will now search all COM ports available (not only COM1 - COM8)

v2.20 beta6, 10. December 2004
* CAB files for emulator included (GpsToolsCE.dll and GpsViewCE.dll)
* Bugs removed in the GpsGate API direct integrations.

v2.20 beta5b, 25. November 2004
* Crash bug fixed in GpsViewCE.dll (Pocket PC ActiveX)

v2.20 beta5, 23. November 2004
* Methods to calculate distance, bearing and movement included. Position.Distance, Position.Bearing and Position.Move
* Library of predefined icons added. IconOne
* Possible to build and edit NMEA sentences. NmeaSentence
* Parse NMEA data that lacks checksum. See NmeaParser.ChecksumMandatory
* IconData class added to managde icons in loaded MapLib.
* Icon transparency bug removed.
* Unlimited zoom on blank maps.
* Possible to set map background color for raster and blank maps.
* Possible to set icon transparency color at run time.

v2.20 beta4, 13. November 2004
* Bug that failed to draw icons and labels on same map fixed.

v2.20 beta3, 24. October 2004
* Possible to load and use multiple MapLibs at the same time.
* Icon zooming and rotation.

v2.20 beta2, 18. October 2004
* Support for maps with polar projection (WAC)
* .NET Map control now works on Windows CE .NET devices (none Pocket PC).
* Known bugs removed.

v2.20 beta1, 11. September 2004
* Bug fixed in MapLibNET.dll when calibrating an UTM map.
* NmeaParser is now multi threaded. Take a look at GpsTools.NmeaParser.Parent (.NET) and GpsTools.NmeaParser.MultiThreaded (ActiveX)
* GpsTools.NmeaParser can now connect directly to GpsGate without using a COM port. This eliminates a lot of configuration.
* GpsToolsNET component does not inherit Control any more.
* GpsToolsNETcf and GpsViewNETcf has changed names to GpsToolsNET and GpsViewNET
* The .NET CF Map control can now be placed on another control like for example the TabControl
* All .NET components are strong named
* The ActiveX components now works better with eVB and PIE on Pocket PC 2003

Essentail changes for .NET:
* You must call NmeaParser.Dispose() before exiting the application.
* If not multi-threaded, you must set NmeaParser.Parent = this (your form) or NmeaParser.Parent = Me (VB.NET)

v2.11b, 9. April 2004
Bug fixed in MapLibNET.dll when calibrating an UTM map.

v2.11, 28. March 2004
API to convert a bitmap to a MapLib from your application (MapLibNET.dll) added.

v2.10c, 26. February 2004
Fixed bug in Map.GetByPosition() when IDrawObject was passed as a null reference.

v2.10b, 26. January 2004
No changes for .NET Windows

v2.10, 24. January 2004
Major upgrade. Zoom, Rotation, Layers, Labels (text), multiple maps, blanks maps added.

v2.02, 25. October 2003
GpsTools .NET with raster map support released!

v1.34d, 2nd of October 2003
Fixed error with purchased license key.

v1.34c, 11th of August 2003
Now works with COM ports with a greater number than 9.

v1.34b, 18th of July 2003
Now works with Visual Studio .NET 2002 (not only 2003).
Improved functionality for State Plane Coordinate System.
Bug removed that could make GpsTools .NET freeze.

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