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SDK v2.0 (and later)

Visual Basic
Internet Explorer
C++ / MFC

Create maps

v2.0 (and later)

Getting started with Visual Basic and GpsTools

First make sure GpsTools SDK is installed properly. Click here for more information

Examples The best and easiest way to get started is to take a look at the examples.

GpsTools SDK v2.0 and later. Select "Start->Programs->GpsTools SDK->Samples->ActiveX". Then open the "VB" folder. For v1.34 The samples are located in the Samples\ directory.

Sample 1 - SerialPortNoEvents
Reads data from the serial port and parses NMEA 0183 data (standard GPS protocol). Presents position as latitude, longitude, UTM coordinates, (or other supported national coordinate system). Displays speed and satellite information.
This sample does not use events. If you are a novice VB programmer, this is a good sample to start with.
Uses GpsToolsXP.dll

Sample 2 - SerialPort
Does the same as the sample above, but it uses events. If you are an more advanced VB programmer, this is a good sample to start with.
Uses GpsToolsXP.dll

Sample 3 - SimpleMap
Demonstrates the new raster map functionality. Connects a GPS to a map. Draws and handles graphical objects on a map, zoom and rotation and much more. Handles mouse events. And more...
Create your own MapLibs using GpsTools Studio.
Uses GpsToolsXP.dll, GpsViewXP.dll

Sample 4 - Layers
Draw objects on several of layers and how to manage layers.
Uses GpsToolsXP.dll, GpsViewXP.dll

Sample 5 - MultiMap
Switch between different raster maps. Use and define blank maps.
Uses GpsToolsXP.dll, GpsViewXP.dll

Sample 6 - Grid
Samples for coordinate conversion in both directions between latitude/longitude and national grids. E.g. UTM, British Grid, Irish Grid, Swiss Grid and Swedish Grid. List of supported grids
Uses GpsToolsXP.dll

Sample 7 - Log
Reads and parses NMEA data from a logfile.
Uses GpsToolsXP.dll

Sample 8 - ShapeDrawer
Draws polygons, polylines and multipoints.
Uses GpsToolsXP.dll, GpsViewXP.dll, GpsShapeXP.dll

Sample 9 - ShapeFileViewer
Load and display ESRI shapefile.
Uses GpsToolsXP.dll, GpsViewXP.dll, GpsShapeXP.dll

A License key is necessary to use GpsTools. During development the key found here can be used. To distribute the component as part of your application you need to purchase a license. The License.LicenseKey property must be set to a valid license key by your application or else the component will refuse to work properly.

To get GPS access and coordinate transformation:
Reference GpsToolsXP.dll (and possibly GpsShapeXP.dll) from Visual Basic.
Select "Project -> References..." from the Visual Basic menu.

If you want to use the raster map support:
Reference GpsViewXPCtl.dll from Visual Basic.
Select "Project -> Components..." from the Visual Basic menu.

And to select the component into a form:

A few things about the GPS. Remember that a GPS works poorly indoors. Sometimes it is possible to get a fix near a window, but usually not. The GPS must be configured to transmitt NMEA data.

Note! USB and PC-card GPS:es needs a serial port driver to work with GpsTools.


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