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Developer's Guide - GpsTools Studio

NOTE! If you want a library (.NET/ActiveX) that can make MapLibs out of BMP and GIF files, take a closer look at the MapLibXP/MapLibNET components. Start reading about the zMapLib class.
GpsTools Studio is used to create and edit MapLibs. A MapLib contains a raster map and icons to be used in your application.

After installing GpsTools SDK 2.0 (or later) you can find GpsTools Studio under
Start->Programs->GpsTools SDK->GpsTools Studio

Create a new MapLib
You need to have a raster map in GIF or BMP format.

To create a map from a bitmap:

The raster map must be conformal.(*) This means lines from south to north must be orthogonal to lines that goes from west to east. The map can be rotated. The scale can be different (or same) in north/south direction than west/east direction.

After the bitmap is loaded a wizard will start to scale the raster map. What you need is three positions on the map with know geographic coordinates. You also need to know which coordinate system the map is using. If you are unsure use UTM, and use the method presented under "Verify scaling" below to see if you made the right choice.

Wizard step 1 - Select Datum or Grid.
In this step you need to specify which coordinate system your raster map is using.
I. Select a Country / Region.
II. Select if the coordinates are specified in lat/lon or easting/northing
III. Select the a grid or datum.
The coordniate system choosen is that in which the map is conformal.

Enter coordinates
After selecting coordinate system, click somewhere on the map and this dialog shows up:

You must enter the geographic position which represents the X, Y position on the raster map. In total you need to specify 3 coordinates The coordinate should be as far apart as possible for the best results. Try to place them in opposite corners.

Verify scaling
To verify that everything is ok, click on some other known position on the map and verify that the geographic coordinate show in the bottom line of the window is correct.

Create Icons
You can create icons (bitmaps) which you later can be drawn on the map in your application.

To create a new icon select:

The Icon's bitmap must be a BMP of GIF. If the GIF has a transparent color, it will be transparent in the MapLib as well. After loading the bitmap, you need to name the Icon. This name will be used to refer the Icon in your application. See Map.NewIcon
Any number of Icons can be created. Use the menu to rename, delete and create new Icons.

Save MapLib
After creating a Map and Icons, you need to save the MapLib:

Now the MapLib is ready to be used by your application. See Map.Open.

(*)Conformality expressed in a more formal way:
When the scale of a map at any point on the map is the same in any direction, the projection is conformal. Meridians (lines of longitude) and parallels (lines of latitude) intersect at right angles. Shape is preserved locally on conformal maps.

Here you can find some online map resources

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