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SDK v2.0 (and later)

Visual Basic
Internet Explorer
C++ / MFC

Create maps

v2.0 (and later)

TIP! Use GpsGate to simulate a GPS during development.

Franson GpsTools ActiveX Windows

Install GpsTools SDK describes how to install the SDK 2.0 (and later).

Visual Basic samples. How to get up and running using Visual Basic and GpsTools. A description of all included samples.

Internet Explorer and JavaScript How to include GPS support to your Javascript/HTML web page. Description of included sample.

Visual C++ / MFC How to include GPS support to your VC++/MFC application.

GpsTools Studio A guide on how to create your own maps and icons to include in your application.

GpsTools distribution. How to install GpsTools v2.0 (and later) on end user machines.

More usage of GpsTools:
GpsTools + GpsGate integration.
Run multiple GPS applications at the same time, sharing the same GPS.

Access GPS from Internet Explorer
Get GPS coordinates into your HTML page using GpsTools.

More samples The SDK conatins many samples, and here are some more samples not found in the SDK.

Technical support can be found in the user forum. We will constantly monitor and answer questions in the forum. The forum also includes frequently asked question (FAQ).
General FAQ for GpsTools

Browse the Technical support forum!
Search the Technical support forum!

Simulate a GPS! Share one GPS among many applications! Simulate and log GPS data.

Free download!
Application to transform geographic coordinates.
Free download!
Add serial port support to your .NET application.
Free download!
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