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SurveyArea3 by WildSoft
SurveyArea3 is a Pocket PC program to measure land area using a GPS.

FMS by Schooner Solutions
Fishery Management System - an electronic logging and analysis application that allows commercial fishermen to track catches and various conditions (weather, gear, bait, et cetera) and analyse trends to help improve their efficiency. Read more...

ScoutLink is a tool that allows professional crop consultants to record data in the field using Palm and PocketPC handhelds.

Fairport Farm Software - PocketPAM
the manufacturers of Australia’s most popular primary production recording software system.

used the GpsTools in a datacollection/survey/study tool.

Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
.net application for vegetation classification of a large mountain area Read more...

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Links to projects based on GpsTools:

GPS Tuner by Megalith
GPS Tuner is a high precision measurement, mapping and geocaching tool for Pocket PC.

Virtual Guide Dog
The Virtual Guide Dog is a system which will help vision-impaired people.

pSurveyIt! by MicroPDA Studio
Track location features over time using Global Positioning and digital imaging technology. Compatible with most GPS units for Pocket PC 2002. Designed for StrongArm based devices.

Moving Map by iMapping
iMapping Ltd is currently developing a Moving Map program to display the position of an attached GPS receiver on a map.

GPS Audio Auto Pilot Project
Intended to be a flight control system that offers an inexpensive device to GA pilots who don’t have auto-pilot installed.

Prosurv Pocket Quads and Prosurv Imaging
Prosurv Imaging gives the user the ability to view their GPS position on the Quad as they drive down the road.

ASAP (Another Spatial Annotation Project) by techwondo. It allows you to visualize your location on a map, use a GPS unit (I use a Bluetooth-based GPS device) to mark your coordinates (or just navigate the map to find your location

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