25. November 2006
NEW! GpsTools 2.3.1 released! Support for JPEG, GeoTIFF, encrypted MapLibs and more...

15. September 2006
NEW! GpsTools 2.3 released! Much improved ESRI Shapefile support

Develop GPS and mapping applications!
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GpsTools is no longer maintained and it is not recommended for new projects

Franson GpsTools makes it really simple to develop GPS, tracking, mapping and basic GIS applications in Visual Studio. A rich set of samples and documentation is included. Used successfully by thousands of developers world wide!

Support for Windows, PocketPC, WindowsCE, ActiveX and .NET (1.0, 1.1 and 2.0).

GPS Connection Easy access to GPS position, speed and satellite information from Visual Basic, C# or Internet Explorer. Using the examples provided you will be up and running within minutes! Supports NMEA.

Raster Map Support Raster map support. Draw icons, shapes, ellipses and text. on the map using geographic coordinates.
Connect GPS to map. Zoom and rotate map. Draw objects on multiple layers.
Vector map support. Draw polygons and polylines. Load, display, save and manage ESRI Shapefiles. Some basic GIS functionality is included as well.

Coordinate Transformation Convert positions between different coordinate systems. Using the new custom grid and custom datum feature, almost all geographic coordinate systems on Earth are supported!

UTM, WGS84, NAD27, NAD83 and many national grids are predefined and very easy to use. List of supported grids...

GPS Tracking GPS Tracking. Track vehicles or other moving objects online in real time. Integrate your GpsTools application to GpsGate Server or to

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GPS Tracking Use GpsTools together with GpsGate to let your application run at the same time as other GPS applications, sharing the same GPS. GpsGate can also be used for simulation during development, and many other things.

Do you need a custom solution? Franson Solution Partners can provide custom solutions based on GpsTools.

Some solutions based on GpsTools

Simulate a GPS! Share one GPS among many applications! Simulate and log GPS data.

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Application to transform geographic coordinates.
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Add serial port support to your .NET application.
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