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Visual Basic
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Developer's Guide GpsGate API

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GpsGate SDK v2.6 build 6 (1.6 MB)
Published 6. April 2008
Download Now!
Contains samples, and emulator versions of GpsGate. Works with GpsGate 1.10, 2.0, 2.5 and 2.6
GpsGate Server Protocol v1.1
Specifications for how the " (Send) plugin communicates with a server.

Using GpsGate API you can start GpsGate, send data to and receive data from GpsGate. For OEM licensees this API is also used to activate GpsGate. Among other things GpsGate API enables you to read and write data through GpsGate's virtual serial ports.

Applications can (of course) access or write data to GpsGate using any of the standard options in the GpsGate Settings menu, like serial ports, TCP/IP and UDP. The main advantage of using this API is that you can make sure GpsGate is started and you can access GPS data without knowing anything about how GpsGate (or the GPS) is configured.

New in GpsGate 2.0 is the possibility to write PlugIns. Almost all functionallity is written as PlugIns in GpsGate 2.0. A PlugIn can typically convert protocols, or read and write data to device not yet supported by GpsGate. More info: IGatePlugIn

To start, first of all download GpsGate SDK. The SDK contains samples for all platforms and languages. You can also read this whitepaper on how to integrate GpsGate to your application, and if you are using Franson GpsTools, please read "Share the GPS using GpsTools and GpsGate".
Some notes on:

.NET - VB.NET and C# on Windows and Pocket PC.

Visual Basic for Windows.

eVB for Pocket PC.

VC++ or eVC++ for Windows and Pocket PC.

By studing the SDK samples you will get a good idea of how things works. More detailed information about each class, method, property and event can be found in the Reference Manual.

GpsGate can be configured and launched by your application without being visible to the end user or needing any end user interaction.
To configure GpsGate from you installation program, or application, see ggXML for GpsGate 2.0, Registry for GpsGate 1.10.
To Start GpsGate from your application see Simple.StartGpsGate

Technical support can be found in the user forum. We will constantly monitor and answer questions in the forum. The forum also includes frequently asked question (FAQ).
FAQ for GpsGate

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