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MIIPS MLAN is a product that uses Ethernet interface and GPRS interface as an accesspoint to Internet. This means that your company can develop or use your products and easily connect them through the Ethernet interface and thereby get connected to the internet. The main idea is to use the infrastructure of the mobile network and to connect products to the internet through MIIPS MLAN over GPRS to internet. MIIPS MLAN acts as an transparent connection to the internet. MIIPS MLAN makes it possible to realize the telematics vision without major adaptations,

MIIPS MLAN can be equipped with a internal GPS and push the NMEA data to an IP device in the intranet. The GPS push function can use both TCP and UDP, although the recommended usage is UDP since it requires less resources and bandwidth.

The GpsGate from Franson Technology AB (http://franson.biz) is an example of a product well suited for use in PC or Pocket PC connected to the MIIPS MLAN. The GpsGate provides a virtual serial port listening to the UDP NMEA data push from the MIIPS. The GpsGate software in combination with any commercial NMEA enabled GPS application provides an easy way to access the NMEA data being pushed over the intranet from the MIIPS.

The combination of GpsGate, MIIPS and any commercial NMEA enabled GPS application are well suited for customers requiring system solutions based on standard and available software for the Windows (PC/PocketPC) environment.

Mikael Långström
Fält Communications AB

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