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Customer cases:

Radarfalle has integrated GpsGate with their application Speedlimit to allow mapping and navigation programs run simultaneously with Speedlimit.
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Fält Communications uses GpsGate to integrate their networked GPS to Pocket PC and Windows applications. Read more...

FN plus 3 weitere GPS-Programme gleichzeitig
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Lutz Bendin, pocketgpsworld.com Reviewing a lot of GPS street navigation software

Slave P - skillful user.

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Thanks for the new key and great support. I have been using GpsGate (express) a bit today and it works very well. Not only am I able to run two apps but it seems to maintain a better connection to my bluetooth GPS. I was having some drop-outs and lock-ups under Windows Mobile 2003 SE: Your progam is more forgiving and has fixed or improved some of the problems I was having.


I would happily recommend this product to others.

Kind Regards, Peter
"In my airplane, I run Jeppesen Flightmap which gives me a backup navigation solution and moving map when connected to an external GPS. I also run WxWorx which provides in flight weather downloads via satellite link and displays the weather on another map with GPS connection. I use GpsGate so that both applications can use the same GPS information to establish my position on both maps. Without GpsGate, I would have to run two GPS receivers."
i use the prog in order to work on my imate (xdaII) with destinator (navigator prog) and ontime (traffic jams prog that navigate through main intersections and not so detailed like the destinator-that uses streets). It works great with virtual port

Nir Alkabets
Have used GpsGate simply to run Tom-Tom and Memory-map on an IPAQ to allow road navigation and to support hobby walking.

Later this year hope to also use the setup to be secondary navigation for my General aviation hobby.

Peter Haynes
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