26. November 2007
NEW! GpsGate 2.6!
Offline track recorder. more info...

25. September 2007
NEW! GPS in browser!
You can now read the GPS position using Javascript. more info...

Run many GPS applications using one GPS!
+ logger, simulator, share over networks, and much more...
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Share one GPS among several applications.

Use Garmin USB GPS receivers with standard GPS applications.

GPS simulation and logging.

More stable GPS connection. In particular to Bluetooth GPS receivers

Share a GPS over a network, ActiveSync, Bluetooth or HTTP.

Connect a GPS to Google Earth

Connect Garmin nRoute to a normal GPS

Multiplex and split NMEA streams, and more...

Connect to GpsGate Server or for sharing over the Internet.

Use Trimble TAIP GPS receivers with standard GPS applications.

Windows 7/Vista/XP/2k/NT/ME/98, Windows Mobile (with touch screen), Pocket PC, Windows CE .NET

Screencasts demonstrating some features in GpsGate:

* Share your GPS using the Wizard (Windows or Pocket PC)
* Record GPS data to a log file.
* Replay log file in Google Earth.
* Manual GPS setup.
* Simulate a GPS.
For developers:

NEW and cool! Make your web pages position aware. Request GPS position from a browser using javascript locally. Read more here...

Send GPS data over HTTP to your own web site Read more here...

Integrate your application to using Client SDK. You can also use the protocol to send data to your own UDP/TCP server.

API to configure, start GpsGate and get GPS data.

Add support to new protocols or filter data using the PlugIn API. Read more here...

GpsGate is available for bundling and OEM. Please read more here!
Customer cases:
Radarfalle has integrated GpsGate with their application Speedlimit to allow mapping and navigation programs run simultaneously with Speedlimit (German only).

Fält Communications uses GpsGate to integrate their networked GPS to Pocket PC and Windows applications.

More customer cases

Reviews in the press:
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Application to transform geographic coordinates.
Free download!
Add GPS and mapping support to your Visual Studio project.
Free download!

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GpsGate is available for bundling and OEM. Please read more here!
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