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DevPak Level 2 - Developer License for all Products
You may develop and distribute any number of applications based on GpsTools, SerialTools and BlueTools. The license also includes a single user license of GpsGate Standard and CoordTrans Pro.

The license is valid for one year. You may continue to distribute all applications developed during that year after the license has expired. Upgrades are included for all products during the license term. You may not make any developer's tools based on Franson's products without special agreements.

Product ID: 300169202
Pound £269 per developer and year Buy!

NEW and better terms!
DevPak Level 3 - Email Support + Developer License for all Products
Level 3 extends DevPak Level 2 with email support. Email support will have an answer within one business day. The support is for the functionality of Franson's products.

Product ID: 300169209
Pound £669 per developer and year Buy!

Note! Sending us bug reports and suggestions of new features is of course always free, and very welcome. We read and consider all incoming mail.

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