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DevPak is no longer maintained and it is not recommended for new projects

The DevPak allows one developer to develop any number of applications during one year based on Franson's tools;

Franson BlueTools
Franson GpsTools
Franson SerialTools

and distribute them to any number of users for an unlimited time period. The DevPak also includes one end user license for GpsGate and one for CoordTrans.
DevPak Q&A

Can I continue to distribute my applications after the DevPak license has expired?

Can I continue developing my applications after the DevPak license expired?
Yes, the projects you started during the term of the license.

Can I develop a new application after the DevPak license expired?
No, in that case you need to buy a new license, either a new DevPak license or a normal distribution license for the particular product.

How do I get upgrades after the DevPak license expired?
You need to buy a new DevPak license to get new upgrades of our products. (As long as you have a valid DevPak license, all upgrades are included.)

How do I get support after the DevPak license expired?
Forum support is always free.

Is email support included in the DevPak license?
Yes, in DevPak level 3.

Is a GpsGate OEM license included in the DevPak?
No. You need a separate GpsGate OEM license.

Can I make a toolkit based on any of your products and sell it to other developers?
No. If you have any such plans, please contact us for a separate discussion.

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